Wheel Rims Deep Cleaning

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Wheel Rims Deep Cleaning

Apart from the looks, rims can also influence the general performance of your vehicle. To ensure the rims remain highly functional, it is important that they are properly cleaned from time to time. Various rim damages can be easily prevented by ensuring proper and regular cleaning of the rims, and tires as well. Leaving dirt on the rims can lead to, among other things; scratches and rim corrosion, which may turn out to be expensive to repair or get rid of.

Thanks to our Naspro Wheel Stand and innovative Hybrid Net Protection Technology for durable wheel rim protection, this coating will protects against re-soiling with water, dirt and salt -repellant effect. Perfect for all light alloy, steel, chrome-plated and polished wheel rims. The coating comes with the latest formula with long term water repellent effect. On the surface, the ultra thin hybrid sealant forms an invisible and long lasting protective coating, made of glass hard silicate, which combines with organic components into a stable, weather resistant network. This significantly simplifies and facilitates rim cleaning. Stubborn soiling such as brake dust can be removed without great effort. The sealing produces a long lasting, brilliant shine at the same time. The effective water repellent effect lasts for at least 3 months according to our country weather.
Not only the rims, we make sure rust and corrosion hasn’t taken its toll on your brakes either. We take the time to remove any rust scaling on the edges of the brake rotors or drums. Thoughtfully removing the brake rotors and cleaning the surface on both the rotor and the wheel hub where they meet at the rotor’s center hole.

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