Leather conditioning

Cracks in your premium leather seats?
A big no!

Leather Conditioning
Our leather cleaning and conditioning service delivers the perfect combination of restoring and preserving the natural suppleness of your car´s premium leather seats in Dhaka.

Maintaining the look of our exterior takes most of our maintenance time. That´s why we often forget to check up on our car´s interior.

But the truth is, we spend most of our time on the inside of our cars. And neglecting it can be costly, particularly when your seats are leather.

Not looking after your leather seats make them dry out. Cracks start to appear, and the color fades away over time.

Your leather seats also retain grease from body oil. This contamination can lead to shimmers that make looking at your seats unpleasant.

Caring for your leather has big payoffs. When properly maintained – cleaning and conditioning – your seats will feel silky smooth, smell fresh, and look premium. Just the way leather seats are supposed to be.

Regular conditioning also means your leather retain its natural suppleness and resist cracks.

The Finest Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Service in Dhaka
Our Cleaning Process

To properly restore and protect your leather seats, we first remove any grease and body oil from them.

Our premium leather foam formula and process are tough against the dirt and the grease but gentle against the leather. We lift the impurities from deep within the pores by emulsifying them.

Be it natural leather or synthetic. Our approach is firm but gentle.

We use formulas that are pH-balanced. So they don´t stain or affect the texture of your leather seats and upholstery. Safe for all kinds of natural or synthetic leather.

Our Conditioning Process

Now that we´ve removed the dirt and the grease from your leather seats, it´s time to nourish them back to life.

Our leather conditioning process is designed to restore the natural tan of your leather hides and synthetic materials. Preventing them from losing moisture, cracks, and fading away from regular use.

Exposure to the Sun´s UV rays depletes the leather from vital nutrients such as Vitamin E. Our modified foaming action formula restores your seats and protects against harsh elements.

Regular cleaning and conditioning of your leather seats from Naspro Auto Detailing will prevent premature cracks from appearing. Keeping your seats smooth, comfortable, and luxurious.

What´s Included
  • Gently clean and maintain all types of
  • smooth leather and all colors
  • Water Repellent Finish
  • Restores colours
  • Steam Cleaning

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