Headlight Restoration

Light up like new ones.
At faction of the cost.

Headlight Restoration
Our Headlight Restoration service brings faded headlights back to life by gently removing stubborn haze, age-related dullness, and yellowing. Restoring their original clarity.

Dull and yellowing headlights can ruin the entire look and value of your car.

Headlights are made of acrylic and have a clear coat protecting them against UV lights. However, over time, regular exposure to the Sun wears off the coating. As a result, the hard acrylic starts turning yellow.

Moreover, oxidized headlights are not only about looks. It’s also a safety hazard. Particularly when you’re driving at night or in harsh weather conditions.

You can always get a new pair of headlights installed. But replacing them can cost a fortune.

Our professional Headlight Restoration process extracts the yellowing plastic layer and restores them to their original clarity. Putting an added layer of sealant to protect against further UV ray damage.

What’s more, our service costs a fraction of the price of replacement with the same result.

The most effective Headlight Restoration service in Dhaka.

We reverse the damage caused by the harsh UV rays of the Sun.

The clear coat of your car’s headlights is sensitive to the Sun’s harsh UV rays. Constant exposure to the Sun fades them away over time. Exposing the acrylic plastic underneath. A new dull and yellow coating is formed over it, which makes them hazy and opaque.

Our refined formula and expertise in microfiber buffing remove the layers of faded yellow plastic blocking the light. Restoring the clarity of the headlamp by revealing a crystal clear plastic surface.

We help maintain a crystal clear vision.

Once the dead yellowing plastic layer is removed, our wax sealant bonds with the new transparent layer. This creates a new layer of coating that shields your headlamps against harmful UV rays.

Maintaining the clarity of your headlights for longer.

Maintain the look and value of your car. Ensure the safety of people – both inside and outside the car – with our Headlight Restoration service.

Our pricing starts from BDT 1,000 only.

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