Express Sonax Nano Polish & Wax

Carnauba Wax Top

Give your car a wet look shine with our Carnauba Wax Top package.

The Carnauba wax on wax composition is specially formulated to give your ride a brand new look – with a rich and warm glow. Our waxing work transforms your car’s paint into a deep liquid pool that shines under different lighting conditions.

Our superior workmanship allows the specially formulated wax to spread evenly on your paint surface, preventing discoloration and enhancing endurance for several contaminations. Resulting in a wet-look shine that lasts longer.

What´s Included
  • NASPRO Pre-soak
  • High-pressure wash (120 bar)
  • Engine Bay Air Sweep
  • Snow Foam Wash w/SONAX High Gloss Shampoo
  • Vehicle Undercarriage Pressure wash
  • Window Cleaning
  • Rim Cleaning
  • Interior Wipedown
  • Floor Mat Vaccum
  • Trunk Vaccum
  • Rubber Mat Wash
Decontamination (Clay Treatment) 
  • Full exterior body clay treatment
  • Full exterior all glass clay treatment
  • Tar, road pitch, birds fall, tree sap removal treatment
  • Preparing the body for Paint Correction
  • Applying premium Carnauba OR Cream Wax Polish
  • Guaranteed High Gloss wax effect for up to 3 months
Nano Polish - SONAX
  • STEP 1- PAINT CORRECTION - Water-based formula, no petroleum, no silicone and the solvent-free formula with low dust technology. Able to remove up to P1500 sand scratches. Incredible abrasive and effective correction for quickly eradicating paint defects such as dust occlusion, paint overspray, water spots, swirl marks and sanding marks.
  • STEP 2 - HIGH GLOSS FINISH - The water-based and silicone-free polishing formula leaves an OEM high gloss paint finish with a hologram-free paint surface on your car paint.
  • STEP 3- Headlight and Taillight Polish 

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