Express car wash + Wax

Shine for appeal.
Shine for functionality.


Our Express Wash takes the car washing game to a whole new level. Every nooks and crannies of your car’s exterior and interior are not only cleaned for the best functionality but also for the “feel good” factor. Because we believe every time you sit in your car after our Express wash should feel like diving a brand new car just out of the lot. Find here everything that’s included in the package.

What´s Included
  • Exterior
  • NASPRO Pre-soak Degreaser
  • High-pressure wash (120 bar)
  • Engine Bay Air Sweep
  • Snow Foam Wash w/SONAX High Gloss Shampoo
  • Vehicle Undercarriage Pressure wash
  • Window Cleaning
  • Rim Cleaning
  • Interior
  • Interior Wipedown
  • Floor Mat Vaccum
  • Rubber Mat Wash

Waxing your car is not only for the shine appeal, but also for the functionality. Keeping a coat of wax on your car will prevent fading, discoloration, oxidation, and light scratches. A fresh coat of wax will have your car looking brand new. Wax polishes the clear coat and brings out the color and shine of the car.
One purpose of a good wax is to repel and bead water on the surface of a vehicle. As a natural wax, our Premium Carnauba or Cream Wax Polish creates a hydrophobic layer that often does a better job of repelling water than other options. And the best thing about it is the longevity of the shine. We guarantee a high-gloss effect for up to 3 months.

What´s Included
  • Full exterior body clay treatment
  • Full exterior all glass clay treatment
  • Tar, road pitch, bird fall, tree sap removal treatment
  • Preparing the body for waxing
  • Appyling premium Carnauba OR Cream Wax Polish
  • Guaranteed High Gloss effect for up to 3 months

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