Engine Bay Deep Cleaning and Dressing

Clean Engine.

Engine Bay Deep Cleaning and Dressing
Our Engine Bay Deep Cleaning and Dressing reliably removes all dirt from your engine bay for maximum performance. We dig deep into your car’s engine and all its parts to remove unwanted oil and grease to ensure a safe operation at all times.

When it comes to the regular upkeep of our vehicles, our Engine Bay always gets overlooked.

But just because it’s hidden away from sight until you open the hood doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be included in your regular cleaning program.

In fact, when it comes to maintaining maximum performance and a safe driving experience, keeping your engine bay clean should be at the top of your detailing list.

Our Engine Bay Deep Cleaning and Dressing is designed to effectively and safely remove the stubborn dirt, grime, and grease accumulated in everyday driving.

The most detailed Engine Bay Deep Cleaning and Dressing in Dhaka.

Engine cleaning is all about paying attention to details. It’s about carefully inspecting and cleaning the parts you don’t otherwise notice.

Understanding the functionality of each part of your engine is crucial to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned without causing any functional damage.

We understand this better than most detailers in the country.

Your car’s intake, battery, and other electrical components are sensitive to water. We start off by covering them off to make sure they don’t contact the water.

We use pressure washers to get rid of the easy dirt and grimes stuck to the surface.

Our blended deep cleaning formula effortlessly cuts through grease and dirt from all surfaces. This includes cleaning motor oil, diesel fuel from the engine, hydraulic fluid, and coolant.

After thoroughly removing the dirt and grease from your engine and drying it off with microfiber cloths, we apply the dressing formula. This leaves your engine bay with a deep black shine.

Our pricing starts from BDT 600 only.

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