We provide proud car owners with the best car care services in Dhaka city. In the most convenient ways imaginable.

We know how proud you are of your ride.

We know how much you care about the looks and functionality of your cars.

We’re vehicle owners just like you.

That’s why we focus on delivering the best car wash and care services in the city.

Combine that with modern technology, expert workmanship, the finest products and convenient wash locations. These make Naspro Auto Detailing the only car care service provider you’ll ever need.

We have a singular mission – our customers should feel proud about the way their vehicles look and shine every time they drive away from our service station.

Nothing makes us happier!

This means putting ultimate customer satisfaction at the heart of our process.

We treat your vehicles as if they are our own. So whether it’s a quick wash or a waxing project, we put in the same amount of effort and care.

Washing only one vehicle at a time to ensure every car gets the attention it deserves. With the best treatment possible.

What truly sets us apart?

We believe in combining leading car care technologies with human expertise to give you the best wash experience possible.

  • Everything your car needs to maintain its looks and functionality – our service range have them covered. Choose from regular car wash services to a full premium wash and wax package or anything in between. All done with the finest shampoos and waxes available with the highest integrity.
  • “Customer satisfaction” isn’t a term we just throw around for the sake of it – we take it very seriously. Finding a decent car wash in Dhaka city that truly cares about your car can be tough. As vehicle owners ourselves, we understand it better than anyone else. That’s why we don’t use anything our customer’s cars that we wouldn’t use on our own. The result? A one hundred percent customer retention rate.
  • Set your own time, we do the washing. We know you’ve a busy schedule. Going out of your way for a decent car wash was bound to take up a lot of time on that schedule. Not anymore. Our car wash and care stations are conveniently located in major business hubs of Dhaka city. So that the next time you take time out for grocery shopping or a cup of coffee, you can get your car washed too.
  • We’re part of a science-based ecosystem.

    Naspro Auto Detailing is a subsidiary of Nasah Professional Cleaning – an integrated facility management company based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it’s extremely important to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. We know our actions – whether it’s disinfecting your car or cleaning your carpet – has direct consequences on our customers’ lives.

    Your health and wellbeing depends on our understanding of the subject matter. This relentless pursuit of understanding the why’s and how’s has led us to develop an entirely new standard in the industry – the first ever science-based approach to cleaning.

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    Meet our senior manager

    My educational background is from ACCA. My skills and knowledge of developing our NASAH Companies Ltd plays a very vital role for NASPRO Auto Detailing.

    I'm the senior manager for NASAH Companies. I'm also a member of “International Detailing Association”. I have completed my training graduation under SONAX master trainer. I have worked for many detailing companies globally besides Bangladesh.

    All our NASPRO crew staff are under my training and driven by my supervision. NASPRO takes pride in my supervision. My skills and knowledge are helping our reputations and workmanship grow more professional. Besides, all our chemicals and compounds are mostly German or US based like SONAX, 3M, Chemical Guys, etc.

    Our car washing water is highly purified and filtered with reverse osmosis as we do not want to spoil the car paint body with water spots from iron, zinc, and other arsenic chemicals. So, therefore we have a huge advantage. That's why we suggest you should at least visit us once if possible.

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